Thursday, 1 June 2017

Dance Term 2

Cha Cha

I've enjoyed learning the Cha Cha, it was difficult at the start but when we entered the second week of doing Cha Cha it wasn't anymore.

I've been challenged by holding hands with a boy, but as we did it more often it was easier than I thought.

I have surprised myself being able to go to Friday night proformance infront of the big crowd.

I learnt how to do back to back with my partner, which was difficult at first but now I can do it.

I found out that it was hard at the start but I found it easier the more we did it.

I would now like to do it again throughout the year.

Hip Hop

I've enjoyed doing Hip Hop because we learnt a lot everyday and I learnt a lot of new dance moves.

I was challenged when we started as it wasn't the easiest but as we did it I found it less tricky.

I surprised myself with being able to do all the moves in front of people on Friday night proformance.

I learnt to do new dance moves and to do face empressions while dancing.

I found out that Hip Hop wasn't as tricky as I thought it was, as I learnt I improved.

I would now like to do dance again as it was a highlight of my term!

Talking To Bat Man

WALT share information. 

3.3.17      Talking To Bat Man

1.This little bat scuttles about the forest floor like a mouse.

2. The short-tailed bat rests and sleeps in hollow trees or in holes that dig into rotten wood.

3. The bats claws help it to dig and climb trees.

4. Bats in New Zealand live in forests.

5. Rats and stoats climb trees so that they can get into the bat´s tree and eat them when they are asleep.