Friday, 2 December 2016

Woodend Camp!

WALT: Describe our camp at woodend.

When we arrived at camp one of the staff named Cody talked to us about safety, what not to do and the rules. We had a little break and had Morning tea.Then we had a little tour around camp and where the boundries were. After that we set up our bunkrooms and had some free time. 


1. Trampolines            5. Gaga Dodgeball      9. Go Karts
2. Maypole                6. Playground                10. Team Building
3. Waterslide            7. Mini Golf                     11.  Orienteering
4. Beach Volleyball   8. Shooting/Archery         12. Climbing Wall

The next day........ We woke up got ready and had breakfast in the main hall. I had toast and peaches it was yummy! It was a real tiring day packing up bunkrooms and cleaning everything. I cleaned the toilets and sinks it was yuck. After that bad experience we did more activities At the end of the day I was happy to get home it was exhausting two days.

Literacy Week

In Literacy Week we had stop drop and write and of course the dress up day (we got to dress up as a space or book character).
For dress up day we basically did a parade in the hall and Mrs Ward chose one to two people to say what they were dressed up as.

                                   Mrs Hall was Mrs Twit.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pet Day

Last Friday was pet day we had a parade on the field there were lots of dogs  then it started to rain after a while so we had to go into the hall but there were more animals  there was rats ,birds ,one turtle, cats ,and some fish  we also dressed  up some people in the class bought  there pets along with them  they all were so so cute most of the teacher`s bought there pets most of the animals were dog we had a awesome day when we had the parade the dogs went smallest to largest but sadly  we did not get to see the big dogs.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mr Twit

Mr twit

Mr twit is an ugly old man who has a disgusting long beard with rotten old food in it. He is a cruel man who hates animals and tries to kill them. That's how mean he is. But he does not only hate animals he hates children too. You would never like to be around Mr Twit and especially his wife Mrs Twit. They are as bad as each other. Mr Twit plays nasty pranks on Mrs Twit and Mrs Twit does some nasty pranks back. Mr Twit tried to send Mrs Twit to the moon with a bunch of balloons. But unluckily for Mr Twit the balloons popped and they are also disgusting slobs. Just yuck don't you think.